I like relaxing at the end as it helps your body calm down after you’ve done all the movements. Also I really liked the very hard boat one.

- Y3 pupil, Chew Magna Primary School

I like the bridge. I practice it at home. It has helped me with playing games as my body has become more flexible. Alex is very calm and not crazy. She doesn’t get angry with people. She helps them do it right.

- Y3 pupil, Chew Magna Primary School

I loved the relaxation! It was really good because it calmed me down for the rest of the day and made us relaxed for the next lesson. It was like a dream.

- Y6 pupil, Westbury on Trym Academy

Alex encouraged me to keep trying the yoga. I’ve learnt so many things in the yoga lessons and I wish I could relive them.

- Y6 pupil, Westbury on Trym Academy

Alex is a great teacher and I really don’t think I could have come as far in yoga as I have without her help. She’s patient and makes me feel unintimidated to ask questions when I can’t quite do some positions and moves, as designed. And then we come up with a hybrid version. That’s a great skill she shouldn’t undervalue or overlook.

- Alan, Bristol

Alex comes to our office once a week for yoga lessons. She is a great teacher and we all enjoy her lessons, especially after a busy day at work. She makes us realize how important it is to listen to your body. I highly recommend her!

- Astrid, Bristol

A good friend recommended Alex to me as she knew I was suffering with a chronic back condition. After several weeks of Yoga with Alex the pain and discomfort I had been feeling for well over a year began to improve. Yoga has become a routine part of my day to keep me flexible and pain free. I cannot recommend Alex highly enough, she is kind, sympathetic, patient and professional.

- Beki, Bristol

I have been meaning to do Yoga for decades. Alex has been absolutely superb as a teacher and leader. I have found Alex’s guidance and variety of yoga positions and flow routines make every session special and different. As an ageing bloke I have improved my general fitness and been amazed how yoga has increased my happiness and reduced my stress levels.

- Jim, Bristol

Having spent a number of years thinking about but never doing anything about it, I took the plunge and started a class with Alex as a 50 something newbie. I have ended up loving it and a year later I can’t imagine life without it. I don’t think that would have happened without Alex! She is an excellent, responsive and patient teacher.

- Simon, Bristol

Alex is a marvellous teacher as she is patient as well as motivational and just a really nice person. I would recommend Alex’s classes for all levels including absolute beginners. Her classes help me maintain my fitness and flexibility. I like the combination of movement, stretching and focus on breathing. I was never very interested in breathing in yoga until I joined this class and now I’m really into it.

I’ve really enjoyed her yoga classes and would recommend them to anyone. She is the best yoga teacher I’ve been in a class with.

- Kate, Bristol

When we started just over a year ago I couldn’t believe how inflexible my body had become. This course has been a breath of fresh air for those seizing up joints. My wife immediately noted my better posture and the doctor has said it’s probably the best thing I can do to combat my necks nerve irritation. The classes have been challenging and fun. Alex has been mindful of our differing abilities and given excellent individual help to keep us moving forward and healthier in both body and mind.

- Paul, Bristol

I got in touch with Alex because I was a big fan of yoga but had had a series of very bad back problems over the years (a protruding disc and excruciating sciatica) which meant that I had stopped yoga altogether. I wanted to find someone who could tell me what I could and couldn’t do and how to do it so I invested in some one-to-one lessons with Alex. I found her so helpful and understanding and so kind in her approach. I have put the time in practicing every day, whilst still seeing Alex fortnightly for one-to-one sessions, and it has paid off in huge dividends. I haven’t had a bad back episode again since I’ve been seeing her and I’m learning so much about myself, including forgiveness. This isn’t just exercise, it’s a long, long journey that I’m not giving up on any time soon. Thank you Alex!

- Tara, Bristol

Yoga with Alex has opened up a new world. There are things I thought I could never do that I now do on a regular basis. The class is relaxed and varied and we are encouraged to work at our own pace. Alex nurtures you through the process. I like doing the class in a group as it feels that we are all in it together.

- Richard, Bristol

Alex is very good at gauging the class’ energy levels and providing a completely tailored experience, taking into consideration everyone’s individual needs and strengths. I come away from each class feeling I have learnt something new about myself and my practice.

- Hattie, Bristol

Alex is one of the best yoga teachers I’ve ever had. She knows how to encourage and stretch you but without pushing or worrying you. Her classes leave me feeling wonderful and more connected to myself. Yoga has been instrumental in my recovery from a serious knee injury and Alex’s expert instruction, with its balance of the physical and the spiritual, has been a big part of that. So thank you, Alex!

- Theresa, Bristol

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