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Alex runs Yoga Stars, a company dedicated to promoting yoga and mindfulness in schools. Yoga Stars run weekly sessions all over Bristol in nurseries, schools and with various youth groups such as Brownies and Guides.

Yoga Stars are also available in other locations for holiday clubs, children’s birthday parties & one off sessions / special events.

Alex believes that all children should be taught yoga, mindfulness and meditation to help them learn how to navigate through life’s ups and downs. Learning how to look after your body, control strong emotions and cope with stress are basic life skills that are just as important as Maths and English.

A regular yoga practice offers many physical, emotional and psychological benefits. Yoga helps children to stay flexible, build strength and increase balance. It promotes self-esteem and builds confidence. It improves coordination, memory retention and concentration.

Children learn to listen to their bodies and develop a deeper awareness of themselves. They learn how to truly relax and become calm and focused. They learn self-love and acceptance.

kids yoga

How we teach yoga to children:

Imaginative, dynamic and inspiring, Yoga Stars brings the benefits of yoga to children aged 3 to 12 years.
Yoga for children is very different to adult yoga. The focus is on fun and play with reminders that yoga is non-competitive. Traditional postures are turned into animals, props are used to demonstrate breathing techniques and relaxation is accompanied with soft music or guided visualisations.

Children’s classes are divided into groups; pre-school, KS1 (4-7yrs) and KS2 (8-12yrs).

Younger children will be taken on an adventure, diving to the bottom of the ocean or saving a princess from a grumpy giant! They practice yoga alongside nursery rhymes or songs and learn about helping and respecting each other.

Older children learn fun, flowing, sequences accompanied by pop or chill-out music. They learn partner or group poses and play yoga games, all of which encourage team work.

kids yoga

Ways to introduce yoga into your school:

There are many ways to bring the benefits of yoga into your school.

  • Weekly yoga classes as part of the curriculum (PE or PHSE)
  • Extra-curricular clubs; Before school, during lunch time or after school
  • Individual or small group sessions for disadvantaged or SEN pupils
  • Single sessions for one off special events such as Healthy Schools Week or Wonder Week etc.
  • Staff yoga for teachers and teaching assistants

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