Adult Yoga

Teaching Style

Alex teaches Akhanda Yoga, a holistic and traditional approach to yoga, developed by Himalayan Yoga Master Yogrishi Vishvketu. Akhanda Yoga is a complete and balanced practice including asana (postures), pranayama (breath work), relaxation, mantra and meditation as well as discussions and readings on yogic lifestyle and yogic philosophy.

She encourages students to find joy in their practice and to respect their physical limitations. Students are reminded that yoga is non-competitive and although it has many physical benefits and can be challenging it is fundamentally an experiential journey of inner enquiry.

Class styles include Akhanda Beginners Yoga, Akhanda Intermediate Yoga, Hatha Flow Yoga, Hatha Raja Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Five Koshas Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra.

121 Yoga

Alex offers 121 yoga sessions for anyone wanting extra attention. These are great if you’re suffering with any kind of pain or injury as classes are tailored to your specific needs and taught at a slower pace. Or maybe you’re just getting back into exercise after a break and don’t feel confident enough to attend a public class. You might be completely new to yoga or have been practicing for years and are looking to further your practice. Whatever the reason Alex can help you to achieve your goals.

Yoga at Work

The key to success for any company begins with a healthy, productive and energetic workforce. Offering yoga in the workplace gives your employees the opportunity to exercise their bodies and clear their minds during the work day thus increasing motivation, productivity and general wellbeing. Employees return to their desks feeling refreshed, energized and ready to meet the next challenge.

Alex can design an on-site yoga program for your place of business. Classes are taught to groups or privately to individuals in board rooms, large offices, lunch rooms and gyms and can be scheduled before or after work and during lunch time.

Sessions can last from 45 – 75 minutes and are tailored to each group’s or individual’s experience and ability. Companies can decide to cover the teaching fee completely, partially subsidise the classes or allow employees to pay in full.

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